About Us


The “Carter Ranch” was first leased by Eldon Pyle in 1984 from Ed and Sammie Carter of San Angelo. Through the years, Eldon and his son Landon developed a love for the ranch and dreamed of one day owning it. In 2003, their dreams came true. They were able to purchase the ranch, and it was only suitable to call it the dream or “El Sueño.”


The ranch consists of approximately 1600 acres of rolling live oak and shin oak country. Along with the original acreage, lease land is also utilized for the ranching operation. Though the ranch has a hunting operation, El Sueño has chosen to keep the heritage of the Carter Ranch alive and well by maintaining a thriving cattle operation to present. The 1600 acres has been under high-fence and managed intensively through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Managed Lands Deer Permit Program. Supplemental feeding is practiced during certain periods of the year; however, the deer are not fed on a year-round basis. Our belief is that through population management, improving habitat quality, and allowing the deer to grow to an optimum mature age, we are able to produce exceptional quality white-tailed bucks.


Our desired deer density of one deer per every 10-15 acres, and a buck-doe ratio of one to one is the benchmark. Brush control, range reseeding, prescribed burning, and rotational grazing are implemented to improve habitat quality.